How to Sleep Better

Even now that our lives are less full of engagements and appointments, it can still be difficult to fall asleep at night from the anxiety of being alone or spending all your time with your family or pets and having no other outlets.  Just not knowing when we can get back to normal is stressful enough to keep us up at night.  
In this blog post, we will describe several ways that can help you to fall asleep faster without a prescription from a doctor.
Meditation is known to help quiet the mind, which can help you to sleep faster. My favorite meditation app is Relax Melodies, which includes sounds for sleeping as well as many meditations.
Getting plenty of natural sunlight during the day will help to orient your internal clock so that it is easier for you to start falling asleep when it's dark outside.
Light before bedtime, including artificial light, can trick our bodies into not producing melatonin. Therefore, turning of screens and electronics at least 2 hours before bed can reduce these effects.
Caffeine can have effects on sleeping, therefore, not drinking caffeine in the afternoon or evening can greatly reduce your chances to stay awake from the effects of caffeine.
Showering 90 minutes before bed artificially raises body temperature and allows for faster cooldown, which seems to hasten sleep aligning with circadian rhythms.
Studies have shown that having a bedroom of 68 degrees or below is the best temperature for sleeping. Turn down the AC for some better Zzz's!
Many essential oils are known to give a relaxing, restful aroma. Some key single oils that are known for their restful aromas are lavender, cedarwood, vetiver, valerian, roman chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang and orange.  Some pre-made blends that are great include, RutaVaLa for adults and Sleepyize, Gentle Baby or Seedlings Calm for the little ones  You can use essential oils in a diffuser, such as our SeaScape diffuser or make your very own Nuzzles (aromatherapy inhalers) using the recipes in our My Nuzzle Kit.
Sleeping Beauty Diffuser blend:
Taking a melatonin supplement can also help you to sleep better.  Melatonin is a hormone that helps to regulate sleep timing that is created by the pineal gland, a pea sized gland nestled in your brain that syncs melatonin production with the rising and setting of the sun.  Melatonin doesn't make you fall asleep, it just tells your body that it's time to sleep by lowering your alertness and reducing your core body temperature.

Consider using a melatonin supplement when you have a circadian rhythm disruption such as jet lag or sleep pattern disruptions.  It is best to start with lower doses and increase as needed.   Also, melatonin can be helpful when you have a problem falling asleep or staying asleep.  In one study, people who took melatonin supplements fell asleep 7 minutes faster and slept 8 minutes longer.  Also, overall sleep quality was improved with the use of the supplement.
Some side effects of taking melatonin include dizziness and headaches.  Occasionally, people taking melatonin may feel a little groggy during the day.  You should not drive or operate machinery within 5 hours of taking melatonin.  
Melatonin has also been found to stimulate immune response and correct immunodeficiencies in aging population and immunocompromised individuals.
We offer several supplements with melatonin.  ImmuPro has been specially formulated to provide exceptional immune system support when combined with a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep to support the body's needs.  Natrol is the melatonin leader and their Fast Dissolve tablets dissolve up to 30 times faster and come in a delicious strawberry flavor, which is convenient to take with you anywhere you travel.  We currently offer Natrol Fast Dissolve tablets in 5mg and 10mg dosage.   One of the best things about melatonin is that, unlike many other sleep medications, it is non-habit-forming and produces no hangover effects.
If you suffer from any major health conditions, you should always consult with your doctor before taking melatonin or any other supplement. 

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