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Ylang Ylang Castile Soap Body Wash


This soap truly sets the standard for high-quality liquid soap. You can trust that the soap base is always formulated with the highest quality organic oils, essential oils, herbs and spices.  We will never use synthetic ingredients in the production of these soaps.

This is a liquid Castile soap that has been thickened to be more like a body wash, more similar to European body washes, which are not as viscous as American body washes.  The best part is it is made from 100% natural ingredients and is scented with beautiful ylang ylang and cedarwood oils.

All liquid soaps are made from organic oils of coconut, and sunflower oils.  

All scents and colors come from herbs, spices and essential oils.  

The soap is made by the traditional soap making process of adding fats and lye.  The liquid soap is made using potassium hydroxide.

The only preservative used is natural rosemary extract.

 Ingredients: saponified oils of sunflower* and coconut, vegetable glycerin*, guar gum*, water, essential oils of ylang ylang and cedar wood, rosemary extract

* Certified organic

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