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SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE: English Lavender(Lavandula Angustifolia) Super Blue Plant 4" Pot - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY


Just in time for fall - you can buy an English Lavender(Lavandula Angustifolia) plant in a 4" pot.  If you live in Florida, you cannot grow this plant outside as the weather is too hot.  It should grow well inside in a sunny window with at least 8 hours of indoor light per day.  You can clip the flowers, dry them out and put them into a bag to scent your drawers or simply enjoy the fragrant blooms!

Pick up the week of October 26!  Special Price of $12.99 IF YOU PRE-ORDER through Friday, October 23!  THIS IS A LOCAL PICKUP ONLY OPTION.  

Lavender Plant Care:

When growing in Florida, leave indoors in a sunny window that gets at least 8 hours of sunlight per day.  Water only when the soil is completely dry but do not allow the plant to start wilting before watering.  Lavender does not like to be in damp, moist soil.  

Repotting Lavender

The plant will be in a 4" pot, you can give your lavender room to grow by expanding slowly to a bigger plant pot (6-8"), allowing it to grow and expanding as needed.  Add a few stones to the bottom of the pot to allow for swift drainage and ensure that your pot has a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage.  Make sure that you have a saucer below the plant and preferably one that is not attached to the bottom of the pot.  The desired soil type is a sandy, well-draining, alkaline soil with some slow release plant food fertilizer.  If you don't have this soil, just add about a tablespoon of lime to existing soil.  When filling the plant pot, only fill it to about one quarter full, add your lavender plant and add more soil around the edges and on top.  Press down the soil until it is firm and water thoroughly.  Place your lavender plant in a sunny window and let it grow!  

Fertilize about once per month.


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