Smoky Quartz Diffuser Bracelet


Smoky Quartz is an excellent gemstone for balancing both the Root and the Crown Chakras.  Smoky quartz has some excellent grounding and detoxifying effects and helps soothing pain both emotional and physical. In its use for the Crown Chakra, it works as a spiritual satellite that connects heaven and earth. It anchors us to earth while still allowing us to connect our heart and mind to the celestial world. Smoky Quartz can also be used to help ward off negative energy, relieve tension or stress, and anxiety.


You will notice that the color of the smoky quartz can range from white/clear to grey to even black. I personally love all colors of it and hope you do too!


This is a handmade diffusing bracelet.  All gemstones are 100% real quality gemstones and, as such, have significant variation.  


I am only using real gemstones as such, you will see a wide variation in the colors of each stone.  As such, every piece is unique and, in my opinion, beautiful!  Please note that your bracelet may not look EXACTLY like the bracelet in the photo.  

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