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Pre-Biotic with LLife-Oligo - 30 day supply


Pre-Biotic with LLife-Oligo

Many people do not have the levels of gut-friendly bacteria they should, due to antibiotic use, advancing age, and poor diet. Bio Nutrition's new Pre-Biotic includes Llife-Oligo XOS Prebiotic Fiber which has been clinically shown to increase Bifidobacteria Levels by 100x in the Human Gut. A recent UCLA study found LLife-Oligo XOS caused a 100-fold increase in helpful bifidobacteria among study participants. Llife-Oligo XOS is a proprietary, clinically researched prebiotic that acts as food for beneficial bacteria, thus boosting their populations.* By increasing healthy gut flora populations, Bio Nutrition's Pre-Biotic with LLife-Oligo XOS improves gut health, promotes daily regularity and facilitates the absorption of minerals.

  • Improves gut health by increasing beneficial bacteria*
  • Helps relieve occasional constipation and promotes healthy stool consistency.*
  • Helps reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance and improve lactose digestion.*

Ingredients: LLife-Oligo, Prebiotic Fiber Xos, (Xyla-oligosaccharide)

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