My Nuzzle Kit - Learn to make your own Aromatherapy Inhalers


Learn how to enjoy essential oils through the use of Nuzzles, or aromatherapy inhalers, with My Nuzzle Kit - a full instructional kit for making Nuzzles that includes:

  • My Nuzzle Recipe Book with over 20 recipes and instructions for making your own blends,
  • 16 Empty Nuzzles with High Quality Cotton Wicks
  • 16 Full Color designed labels so you never forget which Nuzzle you made!  

A Nuzzle is like a soft warm embrace that gives you the extra support to make it through all of life's challenges. Nuzzles are an intensely personal way to enjoy essential oils at any time without affecting those around you.

With My Nuzzle Kit, make your own Nuzzles right at home with all the packaging and recipes you need to create them. You add your own essential oils. This kit comes with 16 aromatherapy inhalers, 16 high quality cotton wicks, 16 designed labels and My Nuzzle Recipe booklet filled with over 20 recipes to make your very own aromatherapy inhalers with specially-formulated recipes and guidelines for how to tailor blends to your personal scent preferences or modify blends using Essential Oil substitution guidelines.  
Recipes include:

  • Calm
  • Spring Relief
  • Recover Day
  • Recover Night
  • Travel Pal
  • Rev Up
  • Sleepy Time
Each recipe includes at least one option for use with children and essential oil safety guidelines.

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