My Home Cleaning Kit with Thieves Household Cleaner


Clean your home with products free from harsh chemicals with this kit.  This kit contains the powerful Thieves Household cleaner along with reusable cleaning supplies and lots of instruction for using Thieves Household cleaner to clean all parts of your home.  

Kit contains:
1 Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 oz
12 Microfiber cloths (4 yellow, 4 white, 4 blue)
1 My Cleaning Bottle
1 My Cleaning Scrub Jar
2 Pop-Up Sponges made from Natural Vegetable Cellulose
Thieves Cleaner Booklet
Make 29 DIY Cleaners with Thieves Cleaner Handout

One 14.4oz bottle of Thieves Cleaner will make 60 to 65 16-oz all purpose cleaning spray bottles.  

You must provide your own: Distilled or purified water, Baking soda, Essential oils (optional), White Vinegar (optional), Alcohol (optional), Cooking Oil (optional), Castile Soap (optional).  


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