My Foaming Handsoap Kit


Why continue to pay for soap at the supermarket when it's so easy to make at home using ingredients free from harsh chemicals?  Most soap you pay for in the stores is making a lot of money from selling water to you. You can reuse these foaming hand soap containers and use the included Organic Castile Soap and organic aloe vera gel to create your very own foaming hand soap.  You add your own essential oils and distilled water. 

Kit contains:
2 foaming handsoap dispensers
8 oz Organic Castile Soap
2 oz Organic Aloe Vera Gel
Instructions and recipes for making handsoap

The kit contains enough materials to make 8 dispensers of foaming hand soap.  Just re-purchase aloe vera gel and castile soap to continue making soap for your home!

You must provide your own essential oils and distilled or filtered water to make the end product.


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