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Lumino Wellness Diatomaceous Earth


An Organic Alternative for a cleaner more enjoyable and beautiful home.

  • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is chemical free, non-toxic, and safe around humans and animals.
  • Pure fossilized skeletons of freshwater diatoms
  • Approved by the USDA as an additive for food storage
  • Lumino Wellness Diatomaceous Earth is mined, crushed, and packaged in the USA

Use as a Natural Deodorizer

  • Garbage Can -- sprinkle DE in bottom of garbage can to deodorize.
  • Kitty Litter Box -- mix a handful of DE with kitty litter. Not only deodorizes but also absorbs moisture. DE is odorless so it will not deter cats from using box.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Bags -- place two tablespoons of DE in vacuum bag or canister to deodorize. Replenish when half full.
  • Refrigerator -- use as you would baking soda.
  • Footwear -- sprinkle in shoes, leave overnight, shake out well, then wipe up residue.

Non-toxic Cleanser and Absorbent

  • Soft Scrub Cleanser -- mix DE with dish soap to make a paste, adding a few drops of vinegar if desired.
  • Muddy Footprints on Carpet -- sprinkle DE powder on wet or dry mud spots. Apply with stiff broom or brush without rubbing. Vacuum in 1-2 hours or when powder and mud appear dry.
  • Polish Silver, Gold Flatware, Jewelry -- mix DE with water to form paste. Apply with cloth and wash well. Tarnish can be removed by rubbing with dry DE and cloth.

A Glorious Garden

  • Preserve and Store Flower Bulbs -- sprinkle bulbs lightly with DE. Store in an air permeable bag, hang in a dry place for airflow.
  • Amendment for Soil -- for houseplants, use mix of 1/4 DE to 3/4 soil. As a soil conditioner it helps break up clay and retains moisture in light or sandy soils. Its 14 trace minerals will help amend depleted soils.

Easy Beauty Secrets

  • Facial Mask -- mix DE and water or oil to make a paste. Apply with a circular motion until face is fully covered. Leave on 2 to 5 minutes then wash off with warm water. Reduces appearance of pores and fine lines.
  • Microderm Glow -- mix with your favorite cleanser to slough off dead skin cells, resulting in a smoother and softer complexion.
  • Teeth Cleaner -- sprinkle a small amount of DE on your toothpaste and brush as you normally would.
  • Nail Soak -- mix DE with your favorite oil to strengthen nails.

Ingredients: 100% Diatomaceous Earth (Amorphous non-crystalline silica)

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