Jade Diffuser Bracelet

Jade is an amazing stone which has been used by humans for more then 6000 years and is used across many cultures.  This stone is also an extremely important stone in all parts of the world, including in primitive peoples of the British Isles, in China, in India and in indigenous cultures in Mexico and New Zealand.  
In China, Jade has been the most esteemed stone throughout recorded history and has been valued for its beauty and its powers of healing and protection.  I had the good fortune of being able to visit China very often in my lifetime and I was always amazed at the importance of this stone in their culture.  It is also the stone known there to bring wealth and prosperity to your life so you often see it in all types of businesses.  I learned that the jade stone is also the embodiment of the Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom, modesty and compassion.  There is a saying in Chinese “Gold has a value, Jade is invaluable”, which I believe states the level of importance of this stone in Chinese culture.
In Mexican culture, Jade had a very significant spiritual and ritual use.  There were many indigenous cultures that used jade to make renderings of deities, in addition to its use in jewelry and other decorations.  The Maya would place beads in the mouth of the dead because they believed it took the breath, the soul or the spirit of that person.  
For me, it is very interesting that this stone was used so broadly globally and, very often for similar purposes amongst cultures that were seemingly disparate.
Jade is great stone to use for the Heart Chakra.  Jade is used to help to open and balance the heart chakra.   


This is a handmade diffusing bracelet.  All gemstones are 100% real quality gemstones and, as such, have significant variation.  

The jade used in this bracelet is top quality, undyed natural Jade.

We only use real gemstones as such, you will see a wide variation in the colors of each stone.  As such, every piece is unique and, in my opinion, beautiful!  Please note that your bracelet may not look EXACTLY like the bracelet in the photo.  

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