Frosted Turquoise Diffusing Bracelet


This bracelet is made from 100% natural turquoise, which has been rounded into a matte finish bead, making it an excellent base for adding essential oils to!   Add an essential oil to any stone on the bracelet and enjoy!

Turquoise is an excellent stone for opening and balancing the Throat Chakra.  In balance of the Throat Chakra, we are striving for clear, concise communication, knowing our own truth, being in harmony with self and others and being a good listener.  

Some qualities of imbalance are excessive loudness or speaking in a small weak voice, talking too much or speaking in a small wear fear of speaking, difficulty containing oneself or being overly self-contained.  Some illnesses of imbalance are: chronic sore throat, frequent headaches, thyroid problems, dental issues, social anxiety or detachment.  

This is frosted African Turquoise that has significant brown and black veining.  I love this bracelet because it can be worn with many colors.  

This is a handmade diffusing bracelet.  All gemstones are 100% real quality gemstones and, as such, have significant variation.  

I am only using real gemstones as such, you will see a wide variation in the colors of each stone.  As such, every piece is unique and, in my opinion, beautiful!  Please note that your bracelet may not look EXACTLY like the bracelet in the photo.  


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