Chakra Gemstone Rollerball Kit


Balance your chakras with this Chakra Gemstone Rollerball set.  The set contains everything you need to get an understanding of the chakras, how to recognize signs of excess or deficiency and what gemstones and essential oils can help you to balance them.  

Each 10 ml rollerball is made of glass and has a metal rollerball.  Each rollerball contains gemstone chips for each chakra:

Base: Tiger's Eye (can also use Carnelian)

Sacral: Carnelian (can also use Citrine)

Solar Plexus: Citrine (can also use Tiger's Eye)

Heart: Aventurine

Throat: Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye: Amethyst

Crown: Quartz

The set also contains 1 plastic dropper and a metal rollerball opener, that also works for opening essential oil bottles.

The set contains a small booklet that explains chakras, explains excess and deficiency, contains a chart that shows signs of excess and deficiency in each chakra and describes what gemstones and essential oils can be used to balance those chakras.  Additionally, the book discusses how to use the essential oils as a part of your regimen for balancing your chakras either aromatically or topically.


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