Amethyst Diffuser Bracelet

Amethyst is a very powerful stone that helps to calm the mind while allowing the soul to awaken.  Amethyst can be used with both the Third Eye Chakra as well as the Crown Chakra.   Amethyst brings harmony and balance to the Third Eye Chakra and contributes clarity to the mind and psychic opening.  Energetically, Amethyst also offers wisdom, healing and protection from harm.  It is good to use it close to the body so you should keep it near you and wear it as jewelry.  Amethyst is also a precious stone, rather than semi-precious as most of the other stones we have been using in the chakra jewelry.  I love Amethyst for its beautiful purple color and use it for work both in the Third eye and Crown Chakras.  
The location of the Third Eye is on the brow line directly between your brows.  The location of the Crown Chakra is on the crown of your head.   These would be the desired locations to work with the jewels if you are doing work on those chakras.  


This is a handmade diffusing bracelet.  All gemstones are 100% real quality gemstones and, as such, have significant variation.  

The amethyst used in this bracelet is top quality, undyed natural Amethyst and is a precious gemstone.

We only use real gemstones as such, you will see a wide variation in the colors of each stone.  As such, every piece is unique and, in my opinion, beautiful!  Please note that your bracelet may not look EXACTLY like the bracelet in the photo.  

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