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All Natural Glycerin Melt & Pour Soap Base with Aloe Vera


This is an all natural unscented glycerin soap base with 5% aloe vera.

Aloe vera is known for its excellent skin properties including for treating burns and abrasions.  This soap base is extremely moisturizing due to the aloe vera and glycerin, known for its moisturizing properties.

This soap base can be melted down either in the microwave or in a double boiler where you can add your own essential oils, and other additives.  Try adding some herbs or flowers to make some unique soaps that are all your own!  

To Use: For best results, chop the soap into pieces or shred using a cheese shredder prior to warming it.  In the microwave, add soap to a glass bowl and heat in 1 minute increments, mixing between each minute.  In a double boiler, mix often while heating. After the soap has completely melted, add dry ingredients first.  Let cool below 140F before adding any essential oils.  For each pound of soap, add approximately 60 drops total of essential oil.   Add more or less essential oil depending on your smell preference.  After mixing thoroughly, add to molds to cool.  If you do not have molds, you can use a loaf pan or cupcake tins.  Try spraying with non-stick cooking oil prior to adding to metal molds.

Each bar is 1 pound.  

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