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5" Loofah Sponge


Luffa, a.k.a. loofa or loofah, refers to two species of gourd: Luffa aegyptiaca (the angled luffa, ridged luffa, Chinese okra, or vegetable gourd) and L. acutangulara.k.a. L. cyclindrica (the smooth luffa, Egyptian luffa, dishrag gourd, or gourd loofa). Angled luffa has long ridges running the length of the fruit while smooth loofa has a rounder profile, with shallow creases running the length of the fruit. The species are used pretty much interchangeably and both are vigorous annual vines with showy yellow flowers. Luffas belong to the Cucurbitaceae or gourd family, along with their somewhat distant cousins squashes, watermelons, cucumbers, melons, and the hard-shelled gourds.

Once natural luffa gourds have matured, they are hand-picked and naturally dehydrated for almost 9 months. The inside of the luffa gorde is then processed and cleaned for use.  

Loofah sponges are a wonderful, plant-based, natural sponge that can be composted after use.  




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